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Reporting and analyzing the worst massacre in U.S. history is flooding the airways. I was pleased to hear our president quote scripture, drawing attention to the God of the Bible for comfort and perspective.

I believe one of the many talking points about this event must be that of evil and God.  How can a good and loving God allow such evil and wickedness? To label something evil you need a standard of good for comparison and there would be no such thing as good unless God existed for he alone is good. Luke 18:18-19 A certain ruler asked him, “Good teacher, what must I do to inherit eternal life?” “Why do you call me good?” Jesus answered. “No one is good—except God alone.”

But why would God allow or permit evil to continue? Part of the answer is that God has given man a free will which is the only way we can have love.  The problem of having a free will is that it opens the possibility for evil.  If God stopped all evil in the world he may even stop you and me because we do evil (sin) every day.  So to remove evil he would have to remove our free will and then we could not do evil but neither could we love.

So where is God in this and every other tragedy?  Christianity is the solution to evil because the biblical worldview is the only one that addresses evil.  Evil came into our world through man’s rebellion from the very beginning and the entire bible is the history of God’s redemption – the answer to evil.

How does he answer it?  He intervenes by coming into our world as the God-man allowing man who rebelled against him to torture and kill him (evil). So the punishment that is ours he took upon himself.  Because he is a just God he can’t allow evil (sin) to go on without being punished.  So he punishes himself instead of us, thus solving the problem of evil.  This is what the entire Bible and biblical worldview is about. God wants more than anything for all to come to a saving knowledge of him. He never delights in the death of anyone outside his kingdom.

 There can be peace amidst the pain of loss knowing God has everything under control and death for the Christian is the passage way to eternal life. The answer to ending such tragedies is not new gun laws but people living for Jesus Christ and living the biblical worldview.        Pray for those affected by the Los Vegas massacre and the family of the gunman.   Pray also for a spiritual awakening in your community and the nation.

Pr. Bob


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