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Psalm 8:2 Through the praise of children and infants you have established a stronghold against your enemies, to silence the foe and the avenger.

Psalm 8 is a creation psalm that elevates the majesty of God revealed in the world that he has made and his choosing man to have dominion over his world. Psalm 19:1 declares the heavens and the earth shouts to all that what is seen points to a creator God, and again announces his majesty, glory and power.

In Psalm 8:2 babies and nursing children are raised up by God to be a witness to the powerful and majestic acts of kindness, love, mercy and hope he did while on earth and continues doing. These voices of praise from the very young to the simple have the power to silence the enemies of God. The enemy isn’t silenced by physical force or threats, but by the truth of God’s word, a word vested with spiritual power and authority.

Psalm 8:2 is quoted by Jesus when once again he is confronted by his religious enemies. In Matthew 21:15-16 there were children (whose opinion was worthless in the first century) who were shouting, “Hosanna to the Son of David.” This was the day Jesus road into Jerusalem (Palm Sunday) and the crowd was wrapped in praise and thanksgiving to Jesus. Shortly after that Jesus drove out the money changers (robbers). This led to the healing of many blind and lame people – a sign of the Messiah. This is why the children were praising God and the religious leaders were indignant and outraged that he would allow children to praise much less receive such praise and thanks. However, their praise and Jesus’ answer silenced them. The best way to defeat lies is to state the truth. Jesus is the truth and Satan is the liar. Offering praise to God for who he is and what he’s done turns on the ‘light’ and dispels darkness and will expose lies for what they are.

We live in a time when truth is seen as a lie and a  lie is seen as truth. We must remain on the side of truth no matter what people may say or do.

Tomorrow we will celebrate Thanksgiving. It’s a day to stop and consider all that God has done for us and how he promises to take care of us tomorrow and beyond. Let us join the ‘children’ in giving praise and thanksgiving to God to silence the lies of our enemies.                 To God alone we give thanks.

Pr. Bob Snitzer

By the Way:  Wednesday 27, 3:30.  No Confirmation class.

(Maybe)  6:30PM Thanksgiving Eve service. Please bring a nonperishable food item for the FC Food Bank.

Thursday 28, Happy Thanksgiving.