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Today is a rare occasion as we celebrate Valentine’s Day and Ash Wednesday. Valentine’s Day speaks of love and Ash Wednesday reminds us of our desperate need for God’s love.   Ash Wednesday begins the Lenten season and some will ask, what is Lent?

Lent is a time that offers us an opportunity to come to terms with man’s sinful condition which we may spend the rest of the year running from bringing our need for a Savior to the forefront. Lent is a time to open the doors of our hearts a little wider and understand our Lord a little deeper, so that when Good Friday and eventually Easter comes, it is not just another day at church but an opportunity to receive the overflowing grace of God. Lent is an intensely penitential time as we examine our sinful natures and return to the God we have, through our own rebelliousness, hurt time and again. Lent is also an opportunity to contemplate what our Lord really did for us on the Cross. But ultimately, the purpose of Lent does not stop at sadness and despair - it points us to the hope of the Resurrection and the day when every tear will be dried (Rev. 21:3).

Mark 16:16 “Whoever believes and is baptized will be saved, but whoever does not believe will be condemned.” As you reflect on your own baptism, though you may not recall it as an infant, it is our dying with Christ to sin and rising to new eternal life with Christ. It means the Holy Spirit is actively working in you to nurture faith and trust as you feed on his word.  As Mark says, the key is not simply the sacrament of baptism, but living faith resulting from baptism and nurturing that faith.

Let’s remember the love and sacrifice of God through Jesus Christ who endured great agony and being a sacrifice in our place so there could be power in baptism and faith in our living Lord.

By The Way:

Sunday 11, 9:00 A M Morning Worship.  Sermon: Tearing The Temple Curtain

4-5:00 Practice for the Living Last Supper