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We continue to develop a biblical worldview in confirmation class and how it compares to other worldviews namely, naturalism; aka, humanism and modernism. What do they assume to be true and the foundation of their beliefs?

~They believe there is no God. They claim that man invented God.

~They believe that matter is all that exists.

~They believe that man is only matter and has no soul or spirit.

 ~They believe that there is no such thing as the supernatural.

~They believe that everything came into existence through time, chance and natural processes.

~They believe that truth is limited to what can be verified by experience or rational thought.

Even though they don’t believe in God or the supernatural they still have a theology that states: there is not God! However, mankind has always and will always worship or bow down to something or someone. Are naturalist truly free of any ‘God’? No! God is simply replaced with himself. Man becomes the highest ranking organism on the planet who believes he can chart and direct his own evolutionary future, even to the point of manipulating global climate.

Thankfully there is a more rational view, more in tune with reality. That is the existence of an intelligent, powerful, loving, just and awesome God who exists in three persons, Father, Son and Holy Spirit. His inerrant word declares: “In the beginning God created the heavens and the earth.” The word create in Hebrew means, what is was created out of nothing. (Hebrew 11:3) Also, God alone is the final judge who reveals himself in the scriptures which are true in all they say from the very first verse to the last.

It is easy to see there is intelligent design by simply looking at nature. Take a close look at a snow flake, no shortage now days, and you will see intricate design and order; of course every design has a designer. Who is behind the order and design we see in our everyday world?  “In the beginning God. . .”

It makes far more sense to believe in an eternal God who created everything than eternal energy and matter that came from the eternal unknown. To put it into perspective read some of what God asked Job in chapters 38-41; 42:3.

Man is not in control of anything, God is and all we are able to do is allowed or permitted by God who loves us and desires us to love him.


Pr. Bob

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