We often hear or even say; what can one person do to change anything.  With that attitude the majority doesn’t even try or simply give up.  One such person didn’t cave into that outlook and today we continue to be influenced by his work, 500 years later.

This is the year we celebrate the 500th anniversary of the protestant reformation.  Little do we realize that how we do church and so much more is rooted in the reformation.

Martin Luther, known as the unlikely reformer was serving as a professor of theology at the University of Wittenberg when he studied Romans 1:17: “The righteous shall live by faith.” This was a turning point in his life.  In fact it shaped the remainder of his life and the future of the Christian church.

Much of Luther’s focus up to this point in his life had to do with his struggle with salvation. He never had peace with God even after intense study, earning a Ph.D., and serving as a priest.  Something was missing that not even fasting, flagellation, and confession could answer.

People today are much like Martin Luther, religious but no peace with God, doing all the ‘right’ things to please God, but no peace.  Often this leads to more charitable work, involvement at church and for some seeking out new spiritual avenues.

As with Luther so it will be with everyone who wants to be at peace with God; it’s a life live by faith in Jesus Christ as savior and Lord without depending on any good works

Are you striving to find peace with God?  Receive him by faith, and then live by faith alone.

Pr. Bob

By the Way:

NO bible study tonight.

Sunday 26, 4:00 Living Last Supper practice for disciples.

10:30 Sunday school.

Wednesday 1, 6:30 Ash Wednesday service with Holy Communion. No Bible study until March 8.