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Joshua 24:14a Now fear the LORD and serve him with all faithfulness.

There comes a time in everyone’s life when we are pressured into deciding what God to serve.


Joshua led the Israelites into the Promised Land (Israel) by conquering the formidable city of Jericho and others. Those battles revealed God’s powerful presence and love to the entire nation. They knew the true God and that all other gods were false, as Joshua reviews 700 years of God’s faithfulness in chapter 24:1-12.

We too can look back and see God’s faithfulness in our lives and that of others, right up to today. Will he be faithful tomorrow, of course he will God cannot change. So pause for a few minutes and reflect on God’s presence in your life up to this point, and be reminded of what God requires; to reverently fear the LORD and serve him with integrity and faithfulness. We can’t live our lives anyway we want; we can’t willfully violate God’s moral and spiritual principles and expect to be close to God. However, our natural inclination is to follow the ways and pleasures of our selfish nature and the world hoping for the best. We don’t have within us the power to do as Joshua says in vs. 14. However, the gracious and effective word of God does have the power to bring unbelievers to faith and salvation, and to preserve them as believers in the one true faith unto eternal life. What is it that enslaves us to serve our Lord ‘with integrity and faithfulness,” the word of God. How important it is to read, hear, study and learn the bible for that is what the Holy Spirit uses to shape, influence and transform our stinky thinking into thoughts and behavior that are pleasing to him.

One last thought; what is it to “fear the LORD?” It involves the fear of God’s just judgment upon man’s sin (Law), but also reverence and faith in his promise of salvation by grace through faith alone (Gospel). This calls for us to stand in awe of his presence and character, to honor him, love him and serve him with our whole being. The fear of God is faith that flees to him to receive forgiveness for all our sins, and that patently waits for him to fulfill all his promises in his word. Unbelief is what causes a person to attempt to flee from God in terror and hopelessness.


Please do not neglect the word of God in your daily life.

Pr. Bob

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