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 When you think of creation do you think beyond our world and planets, maybe include our Milky Way galaxy? There are between 200-400 billion stars in the Milky Way and God can see every one of them in detail. He knows their composition, location, size and has them named.

If the number of stars is mind boggling what about every form of life on earth; from the bacteria at the bottom of the oceans to human life?  God knows everyone and its location and physical makeup. Scripture says; ‘nothing in all creation is hidden from God’s sight. . .’ amazing isn’t it that God sees everything and nothing is hidden.  Therefore it is impossible to hide from God in an attempt to avoid him as Adam and Eve quickly found out when God approached them hiding in the bushes and covering themselves with fig leaves. Not only can we not hide, but there is no place in the entire creation we can go and be forgotten or lost from God. Even if someone is buried in a coal mine thousands of feet below the surface God knows he’s there and can see him.

Hebrews goes on and says; ‘everything is uncovered. . . .’ it’s the idea of lying in bed covered up with blankets and someone comes and pulls them off the bed leaving you completely exposed. Of course he’s not speaking of physical exposure but spiritual and emotional. Secret thoughts are not secret, lies are not hidden, and good behavior is not overlooked. What might go unseen by other people is very clear to God. He is the one that matters for we are accountable to our Heavenly Father. We cannot be irresponsible or unaccountable for our actions, thoughts or desires for God knows and see them all and will call us on them. The good news is that as followers of Christ our selfish actions and thoughts are forgiven by grace through faith in Jesus Christ and will not be remembered.

 Pr. Bob

By The Way:

 Sunday 18, 9:00 AM Morning Worship.  Sermon: The Miraculous Faith of the Roman Soldiers.

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March 29, 7:00 PM reenactment of the Living Last Supper. Tell your friends.

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