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A Daddy’s Love

A dad knocked on his daughter’s door one night soon after she’d gone to bed.  When she told him to come in he sat down on her bed and he make a little speech that went something like this:

“Vicki, I want to apologize, I want you to know I’m sorry for a silly thing I’ve done.  You’re a senior in high school now and all these years I’ve been saying that someday I’d take time for us to get acquainted. So here you are with nine months left at our house and then you’ll be going to college and getting married and lord only knows how far we’ll be from each other.  So I want to ask you to do me a favor.  Once every week in this senior year I’d like to take you alone for a meal so we can have time to talk together. I know you’re busy in the evenings and I can’t get away for lunch, but maybe we can get up early and go out for breakfast, just the two of us.  That’s the invitation.  Take some time to think it over and let me know how you feel?”         (Charlie Shedd, a book on fatherhood as spoken by Dr. David Jeremiah)

Nothing can replace time spent with your children one-on-one whether it’s out for a meal alone or playing with them. To a child love is spelled, T I M E.

There’s a song by Steve and Anne Chapman: “Daddy, you’re the man in your little girl’s dreams, you are the one she longs to please.  There’s a place in her heart that can only be filled by her daddy’s love. But if you don’t give her the love she desires, she’ll try someone else, but they can’t satisfy her, and if your little girl grows up without a daddy’s love she may feel empty and it’s only because it’s her daddy’s love she’s looking for; don’t send her away to another man’s door. Nobody else can do what you do, she just needs her daddy’s love.”

If you have a little girl tell her you love her often and give her undivided time.  It’s never too late.  If you’re waiting for the perfect conditions, it will never happen! Do it today.

Pr. Bob

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