(Official communication to the public)


I just read a rather discouraging report from the Barna Research Group about the church and evangelism.  In the past ten years or so “church attendance is down . . . the number of people who label themselves as Christian is falling.  Participation in small groups and adult Sunday school has dropped by 50% in the past decade.  Bible reading is less common and even the number of adults who pray to God has decreased in recent years.”  Why the spiritual drought?

I’m sure there are many factors involved, but one stands out above others; Christians are not excited about their faith in and relationship with Jesus Christ to share the Good News with unbelievers.

If you find your own faith a small warm glow or an flickering flame, don’t lose heart.  The place to begin restoring your passion is in a simple daily prayer.  Acknowledge your lack of enthusiasm and ask God to give you the desire to spend time with him on a daily basis.  It is God who must provide the desire and it is you who must ask.

Time with God is referred to as “quiet time” or “devotions.”  If you’re not sure where to begin let me suggest three components to a quiet time.  First, it may be difficult to find ‘quiet’ time in a busy schedule and especially if you have young children running around. Try and make a consistent time of 15 minutes or longer, depending on the days demands and get your bible.  Before reading, pray for God to open your mind to receive him and his word which is food for your soul. Then with a reading plan begin to read, study and prepare to meet Christ through his word.  Remember Jesus wants to meet with you and impart his word into your heart to help you through your day and wisdom to face the unforeseen.  More next week on ‘quiet’ times.

 Pr. Bob

By The Way:

  • Wednesday 29, 6:30 PM No adult Bible study until after Easter.
  • Saturday 1, 8 AM Outdoor workday at church weather permitting.
  • Sunday 2, 9:00 AM Morning worship with Holy Communion. Sermon: Nuptial Feast.
  •        10:15 Sunday school for all.
  •        4-5:00 Practice for the Living Last Supper for cast only.
  • Thursday 13, 7PM Dramatization of the Living Last Supper. Please invite someone.