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Last week I wrote about having to decide what God we will follow, much like the Israelites under the leadership of Joshua, 24:14. We are to “fear the Lord and serve him with integrity and with faithfulness.”

How are we to serve God with integrity and faithfulness? This phrase emphasizes that serving is to be wholeheartedly and constantly for the Lord and him alone. There is no room to straddle the fence or divide allegiance with other Gods; he will not share the love of his people with other Gods. He is a jealous God, 24:19.

If you were a commander in the military and fighting a war would you want soldiers whose allegiance was divided between their native country and that of the enemy? Undivided allegiance is what God demands.

Unlike the Israelites, we don’t bow to idols made of stone, wood, gold or bronze. But like them we battle with idols in our mind or our attitudes, and this is what Joshua was aiming at. It is the mind where the enemy sets up camp so he can turn us away from the true God and fly the white flag.

Rather we are to identify what attitude controls our thinking and actions that lead us away from God and tell it to him, admit it’s wrong, ask forgiveness and strength to turn away from it and depend on him for everything. Now that’s a daily struggle but a winnable battle. How? By keeping God’s word in our mind on a daily basis. Psalm 119:11 I have hidden your word in my heart that I might not sin against you. Remember the Word of God is powerful and it is one of the agents God uses for transforming our attitudes, destroy idols and live in peace.


Pr. Bob

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