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Sunday is Palm Sunday in recognition of Jesus’ ride into Jerusalem and an overwhelming and joyous reception, just days before his rejection. As he rode into town, at the peak of the Passover celebration, his followers and enthusiasts lined the street cheering him on as you would see a city celebrate the parade of their super bowl or world series champions. Jesus was cheered on and elevated by placing their outer coats and palm branches for his donkey to walk on. He was being viewed as the Messiah King coming into Jerusalem to rescue his people from Roman bondage and be free at last.

Why palm branches?  According to Dr. Lenski, “the palm tree was viewed as majestic in its height, the queen of all lowland trees, with their proud diadem of great fronds spreading with their face to the sun, in immortal green, unceasingly replenished with new life from the deep-set roots. The people believed the palm tree was the perfect tree, embodying everything a tree should really be; even its life, extending to 200 years, made it a symbol of life and salvation.” John 12:12-13.

Along with the branches and coats, the people in their excitement and enthusiasm shouted Hosanna which means save now, and announcing he comes in the name of the Lord. This shouting continued into the city, through the streets and to the temple. Obviously, people were very excited about Jesus and were more than ready to get behind him and his cause.

However, all that changed on Friday when they realized he didn’t meet their own personal, misguided expectations. Since his divinely ordained purpose disappointed them, they were all the more willing to shout, “crucify him.” Jesus’ mission of destroying death by is own death was not politically or religiously correct and people caved in to the pressure to destroy him.

Political correctness, worldly pressure and misguided ideas about Christianity has no place in true worship. This Sunday should remind us to guard against superficial acclaim for Christ.

Pr. Bob

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Wednesday 10, 3:00 Confirmation.

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Sunday 14, 9:00 Morning worship. Sermon: The Royal Entry

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