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Good Friday! Why in the world would the day Jesus is beaten, whipped, humiliated and nailed to a cross to die be good? Anytime someone who is innocent dies cannot be viewed as good.

The day God died in Jesus Christ is indeed good for all people because Jesus died for all people; he died in their place, he died for you and I so we would not have to pay the full price for our sin which is eternal separation from God.

Friday is good because hanging on the cross was the Father’s will and consequently Jesus’ will. The cross was the place where our sins were exchanged for Jesus’ holiness and righteousness through faith in his finished work.

It was Good Friday because God was glorified through such an ordeal. It was on the cross where God’s glory; his nature, his being, his expression of love shines upon the entire human race. While those responsible for his rejection and death saw only an imposter, a fraud and a threat to their religious organization and political security, God was showering his love upon them all down to the last generation.

No one saw it coming; although it was shouted from the mountains and roof tops for four thousand years, that God would deliver his people from bondage to sin by way of his own death. No one saw it coming that God would use the very enemy that incited the leaders to have him executed carry out God’s perfect plan and destroy Satan. But, coming it did, on that Good Friday when it appeared all hell broke loose and won the day. No one saw on Friday that Sunday was coming, the demolishing of hell, Satan, death and sin’s stronghold. They didn’t see that three days later this same Jesus would rise with an immortal body and his tomb would remain empty forever. Only after these events did the proverbial light come on making clear sense of all Jesus taught and experienced.

How dreadful to walk around in darkness where understanding and truth are hidden right before your eyes. By God’s grace through faith in Jesus Christ the darkness is removed, banished and the light of revelation turned on forever. Are you walking in the dark or in the light?


Pr. Bob

By the Way:

Wednesday 17, 3:00 Confirmation.

Thursday 18, 7:00 The Living Last Supper

Friday 19, 6:30 Good Friday service.

Sunday 21, 9:00 Morning worship. Sermon: A God Who Rises

Tuesday 23, 6:30 PM Mary-Eunice Circle at church.