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The very relationship between parents and children is very wise and practical.  Children have needs they can’t always meet on their own, so naturally they come to mom and/or dad to ask for what they need. Of course those needs change as they grow older.  They begin with the need for food, clean and dry diapers, sleep, security and love. In time they need help tying their shoes, doing homework and so on.  When they come with such needs do you as parents yell at them, ignore them or tell them, ‘good luck’, figure it out yourself?” I would assume you would want to help and teach your little ones with what they need.

Children are not the only ones who need help, we all do throughout our lives.  Often times it’s a need beyond what others can provide. Or it can be a need for forgiveness and healing from God, but maybe too afraid or embarrassed to ask.  Read Hebrews 4:16. Let us then approach God’s throne of grace with confidence, so that we may receive mercy and find grace to help us in our time of need. Does this sound like a God who is going to scold, ignore, or say ‘good luck’ you’re on your own?  Not at all, he wants us to come with thanks and confession, with celebration and mistakes.  Remember his mercy is new every day and his grace surpasses our understanding.

If you’re burdened with guilt, or just need wisdom God is waiting for you to come in prayer with boldness and reverence, and you will discover a gracious, loving and merciful God your Father.

Pr. Bob

By The Way:

Sunday 28, 9:00 morning worship. Sermon: 1 Peter 4:12-19, 5:6-11 It’s Tough Being A Christian