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Summer is here when we spend more time outside in the warm sunshine.  Some will enjoy hiking, walking, gardening, fishing and boating, sports and so on.  As we spend time doing what we enjoy we often become exposed to insect bites, dirt and unclean water; in other words germs by the millions. For the most part germs can play a positive role in our bodies.  When germs make it past our natural immune defences we will develop a new immunity to the germ.  If you have little or no exposure to germs you become more susceptible to becoming ill.

Someone has said, ‘Exposing the mind to ideas is like exposing the body to germs.  It’s the way to build immunity.” Sometimes as Christian parents, we think it is best to shield and protect our kids from ideas contrary to scripture.  Therefore, it is best to screen everything they watch on TV, books they read, music listened to, internet sites and more.  The fear and concern is that they may believe what is not true or moral.  Like the body to germs we must teach children how to think critically about the ‘idea germs’ that come from all directions.  It isn’t always enough to say no, that’s not true or healthy.  They may be asking, why is something not true or immoral?  We must be prepared to give a sound reason based on truth rather than saying, ‘because your father and I said so; or that’s not what we do; or God doesn’t like that . . .” For example, why is evolution wrong; why not view porn; how do I know other religions are not right; did Jesus really rise form the dead?  These and similar questions have answers and we must not be afraid of such questions.  Questions are opportunities to share truth and build a solid biblical foundation that they can take with them and serve them well throughout life.

If there is a question you have or someone else and are searching for an answer, send to pastorbob@pilotknob.org and I’ll see if I can help.

Pr. Bob

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Sunday 4, 9:00 morning worship and Holy Communion. Sermon: The Counselor Acts 2:1-21