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It has been said that what you believe about your origin will determine your belief about your purpose and destiny.  It doesn’t matter if what you believe to be true is actually true, for all beliefs have consequences.

To believe that you came from random, disorganized, pre-existent matter and energy will leave you with no purpose for life except what you can make of it.  Who then is to say what you find to be of good purpose really is meaningful, for all truth and value becomes relative, it is what you want to believe. If you believe your origin came about by chance, mindless non-living material then your destiny will be back to dust and nothing more.  To me that fights our inner desire to find lasting meaning and purpose in our existence.  By nature each of us wants to make a difference in this world that will last, and we want to believe there is some kind of life beyond this one.

If you believe that your origin is from the loving, personal, omnipotent and holy God then that will determine and teach you that your life has purpose and there is life beyond the grave.  The question then becomes who is this God, how can I know him, does he communicate his will and purpose for me.  How do I know there is life after death?  The answer to all these questions and more is the bible.  If you want to know where you came from, why you are here and where you will go, begin reading the book of Genesis, the foundation for the entire bible.  It is impossible to know who you are without the opening eleven chapters of Genesis.  Read it as real history from a loving God who knows you and wants you to know him.

Pr. Bob

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