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Have you ever wondered what it was like to be a first century disciple of Jesus? It seems so strange for a Rabbi to come along and say, come follow me and they stopped what they were doing and followed. Very strange to 21st century America.

It was very common for a Rabbi (literally, “my master”, “a teacher of scripture”) to gather students (disciples) who would follow him as he traveled from place to place. His itinerant ministry required him to depend on the hospitality of the people where he taught because the Jewish writings taught it was improper to charge a fee for teaching the scriptures.

A typical Rabbi would teach outdoors, in homes, in villages, in synagogues and in the temple, with his disciples following. Such examples would be Jesus teaching from a boat, feeding the 5000 and the Sermon on the Mount. So, we can see that being a disciple of a Rabbi one would have to travel wherever he went. Traveling along all the dusty roads with the Rabbi one would be covered with dust by day’s end. The Jews described the life of a disciple as being “covered in the dust of their Rabbi’s feet.” It means to sit at the feet of a Rabbi, “to humbly learn from him”, as Mary did. So, if one wanted to travel with a Rabbi, one literally had to cover oneself with the dust of his feet. (New Light on the Difficult Words of Jesus, Bu; David Bivin)

Another saying of the Rabbi’s who truly wanted to make disciples was to “take upon themselves the yoke of the Torah,” a rabbinic saying for accepting God’s reign over one’s life, to live according to his will. (Torah = Hebrew for teaching or instruction, specifically the first five books of the OT, but also the oral Torah which is the rabbinic interpretations and rulings based on the written Torah.) a rabbinic saying for accepting God’s reign over one’s life, to live according to his will.

As Christians we are to be disciples of Jesus. While we can’t follow Jesus around as he taught, we are to follow his inerrant word known as the Bible. Words that must not be changed or replaced with man’s fallible ‘wisdom.’


Pr. Bob

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