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1 Corinthians 10:21 “ You cannot drink the cup of the Lord and the cup of demons too; you cannot have a part in both the Lord’s table and the table of demons.”

The Corinthian Christians had a challenge before them.  Many were converts from paganism in which they were used to offering sacrifices to idols. In their mind they were sacrificing to god who was their guest.  After the meat was offered it was believed that the god himself was in it and that at the banquet he entered into the very bodies and spirits of those who ate. (W. Barclay). The one offering the sacrifice would then have a mystical communion with the god.

Also at that time people believed in demons who were either good or bad.  These spirits were in everything, from rocks to water, sun rays to earthquakes.  Paul also believed in demons which he refers them to principalities in Ephesians 6. He explains that the work of demons is to lure people away from God while at the same time remaining religious by ‘practicing’ the Christian religion, in particular communion.

Paul is clear; you can’t serve Christ and at the same time participate in different religious practices or continue in sin.  Unfortunately many churches embrace practices such as reiki, a new age method of energy healing, or praying through the labyrinth by emptying the mind so one can hear God speak, along with  many other new age practices. But Paul would also include participation in the world of pornography, environmentalism or simply being a nonbeliever and many other forms of sin.

When we receive the body and blood of Jesus Christ we do receive him indicating we are one with him and desire to trust and serve him.  If that is the case how can anyone look to different forms of religion thinking they can co-exist with Christianity.  They can’t! Jesus wants and must have our sole allegiance, and there is not room for today’s doctrine of demons which will only lead to eternal fire and damnation.

The cup Jesus offers is one of forgiveness and life, take no other and participate in no other religious practice than what scripture teaches.

Pr. Bob

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