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This past Sunday was one for the record books.  Forest City and nearby towns received six inches of driving rain in 45 minutes, 7.2” in all according to my rain station. A number of reports of cars floating, people stranded in their cars and flooded basements.

As the rain came pouring down in sheets and hail pelted the house and garden I looked out the front door and saw a ‘river’ running through the yard and soil being washed away. This was indeed a reminder of the power of running water, but nothing like a tsunami or Noah’s flood. image

We are promised by God that he will never flood the earth again to destroy all of life. (Genesis 9:15). This promise does not say there will never be flooding, however, God was with Noah and his family to see them through the storm, he will also be with us as we experience storms of various kinds. The work and damage may not be prevented, but God promises to walk through them with us, providing the strength and resources we need. It is also a time to experience the dependability of God and reminded that ‘this world is passing away but he who stands firm to the end will be saved.’

The next rainbow you see in the sky, remember it is God’s promise never to flood the earth again and that he will see you through every ‘storm.’


Pr. Bob

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 Sunday 1, 9:00 AM Morning Worship.  Sermon: The 4th of July