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Romans 1:24, 26, 28 repeat the phrase, “God gave them up. . . gave them up. . . gave them up.”  So does this mean God gave up on them? Far be it from God to throw up his hands and say, ‘I give up’! It actually means the opposite.  It means he tries to reach them by allowing them to play out the negative consequences of their idolatrous choices.

This is true throughout scripture and the history of Israel.  Ps.81:12 So I gave them over to their stubborn hearts to follow their own devices.    Deuteronomy 32:20 “I will hide my face from them,” he said, “and see what their end will be; for they are a perverse generation, children who are unfaithful. The word ‘see’ means to show, point out, exhibit, teach, demonstrate, make known. The Lord is trying to teach the right way but sometimes due to man’s stubbornness he allows us to go our own way and see for ourselves how destructive it is.

Sometimes parents, teachers and counselors have to allow others to make bad choices and face the consequences.  Likewise, God gives people up so they can face the natural and logical consequences of their foolish and rebellious ideas.  When you read Romans 1:26ff, you will see the consequences of such ideas that oppose God.  He uses the negative to single out the point of destruction; will people continue in their destructive behavior or will they repent and turn to the true God.

God will never force his will upon anyone; he respects our will and choices we make, even when we insist on following wrong choices.  Know however, that God has not left you, but is waiting for you to return through repentance and surrender.

Pr. Bob

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