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While Jesus carried out his ministry and mission for three short years he taught and demonstrated to his disciples how important it was to obey God, thus doing what Jesus taught. The disciples were not simply receptacles of information, nor mere observers of Jesus’ actions.  They were often told to put into action what they were taught and what they observed.  He helped them look at life and others through God’s eyes rather than the eyes of a selfish world.

One evening Jesus asked his disciples to feed more than five thousand people.  He asked Peter to walk on water, he sent them on short term missions to heal the sick, feed the hungry, teach about the Kingdom of God, cast out demons and raise the dead.  They couldn’t do that unless God was working through them.  He had them secure a donkey to ride upon, make preparations for the last Passover meal and to pray with him in the garden of Gethsemane.

We are not to be observers of God working in our world but God working through us in our world to help others know his love and truth.

“In a small European village was a town square that held a special statue. This statue of Jesus was the pride and joy of this small town.  But WWII arrived, and soon the bombs began falling on their town.  One day the statue was hit and blown to pieces.  The residents collected all the shattered pieces and slowly did what they could to re-create it.  When they finished their reconstruction, the only pieces missing were the hands of Jesus, so they placed a plaque at the base of the statue with the words, ‘Now we are the only hands that Jesus has.’ Isn’t this our calling to those around us? We are his hands.”  (Dr. H. Norman Wright)

Pr. Bob

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  • Sunday 3, 9:00 Morning Worship & Holy Communion.
  • Sermon: Authentic Christian Love. Romans 12:9-21
  • Sept. 12, 5:45 Deacon meeting. 6:30 Council meeting.