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Last week I mentioned the importance of knowing and accepting truth unlike Pilate who purposely rejected truth. Why is truth important? Because we follow through with what we believe to be true. If we believe the Ten Commandments to be outdated and merely ten suggestions then they can be ignored if we choose. It would not be important to display them in government schools or government buildings. We can then ignore, “thou shall not murder” and continue with a clear conscience murdering the unborn. We can choose to ignore the first commandment about having no other Gods and follow and rely on anyone or anything we want. What we believe to be true has consequences and affects our behavior.

For example, Abby Johnson in “unplanned” and Dr. Kahi Aultman (https://www.frc.org/washingtonupdate/20200123/fork-roe) both believed the message from Planned Parenthood that their mission and top priority is the health of a mother, and that an unborn child is not human. They later came to realize they were lied to and when faced with the truth of abortion they quit and have since become staunch pro-life advocates and Planned Parenthood’s worse nightmare.

Or we could believe the propaganda of climate change claiming it is man’s fault and we have the ability and wisdom to alter the global climate and “save the planet.” We could however, believe God is in control of the very slight change in climate and He will continue to sustain the planet until He returns.

On a more personal note, what we believe to be true about ourselves and God will influence our relationship with others, our occupation and even God. Do we believe the truth that we are created in the image of God and possess intrinsic value and not based on our ability to perform? Do we believe God has a purpose for every life and we are not just here to come up with something on our own that gives life meaning and purpose? Do we believe Jesus is God’s Son who loves us more than anyone? Do we believe God can truly forgive our sins and by faith in Him as savior be given the gift of eternal life?

So, we can see that truth, or what we believe to be true will indeed determine how we live. We must also ask ourselves from what source do we determine truth and is it reliable? The Bible says it is the very word of God, do you believe that?


Pr. Bob Snitzer

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