A Promise

When a child comes into this strange new world, he or she is completely dependent on the care of its parents. When a baby shows signs of distress or discomfort the parent brings comfort and assurance through touch, soothing words, hugs and so on. Thousands of these verbal and nonverbal interactions take place during the […]

Ninth Sunday after Pentecost

Think About It“When we go online, we enter an environment that promotescursory reading, hurried and distracted thinking, and superficiallearning. Even as the Internet grants us easy access to vastamounts of informa>on, it is turning us into shallower thinkers,literally changing the structure or our brains.” -Nicholas Carr,“The Web ShaFers Focus, Rewires Brains” Wired, May 24, 2010hFps://www.wired.com/2010/05/ff-nicholas-carr/

A New Home

You don’t need to be a home owner very long to realize that keeping it looking new requires routine maintenance and repairs. Many are small and as time wears on it requires major repairs. If those repairs are ignored over the years the house will begin to look old and unkept. Soon the wind blows […]

A Good Shepherd

A shepherd is in change, and has the responsibility of caring for the sheep that are entrusted to him. He must lead them to areas of green grass in terrain that is mostly dry and rocky. He must provide water to drink that is fresh and not filled with minerals or bacteria that would lead […]