Devotion to God

Pilot Knob Lutheran                Devotion to God                     10/12/2022

What is it that God wants from you? A perfect life? Devotion to your church? Giving half your money away? Becoming a missionary to Africa or Los Angeles? No!

What God wants from each of us is not difficult to understand nor costly. What does God want from you? Your devotion especially when all religious props are missing and there is no support around you. Those are the most difficult times because our emotions run wild. Simple devotion says, ‘I don’t need answers to all my whys to focus on you, God. Devotion involves love and love is not based on feelings but involves them love is commitment, loyalty, obedience. And surrender especially when the feelings of love are missing.

Think back if you can to a time when all you could do was to cry out to God for help and mercy. Was seeking God and your dependance on God more intense than when you felt you had the world by the tail? Crises and pain have a way of drawing us closer to God. Take for example the battle skills of a soldier who is engaged in war and the battle skills of a soldier who has not engaged an enemy. The experience of war refines the soldiers’ skills and puts them to the test.

Testing is what brings about an intimacy with God that nothing else can. Consider Abraham, Joshua, David, Job, and Jesus Himself. They and many others faced fierce opposition from others and at times silence from God, but in the end emerged as friends of God. Remember, God will provide the grace in our time of need but today is the day to prepare.

Can God trust you? If God doesn’t give you what you want, what you expect, need and keep you in silence, will you be devoted to Him anyway? Our natural inclination is to withdraw not to lean in. will silene and trouble from God drive you away from Him or closer to Him? Simple devotion must be an intentional pursuit, a deliberate choice.  Spend time with God and be consistent so you are prepared to face the dark days as well as the bright ones. Ecclesiastes 12:13b Fear God and keep his commandments, for this is the duty of all mankind.

Pr. Bob Snitzer

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