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I would like to share a devotional that is very touching and encouraging written by, Julie Sunne, the daughter-in-law of Ruth Sunne. Julie has published a book due to come out in May of this year entitled: Sometimes I Forget.

If you are looking for encouragement, especially during difficult and trying times, Sometimes I Forget would be a good addition to your library.

        God Is Incomparable. Sometimes I forget, Lord, that You are incomparable,

unequaled and matchless in all ways. . . .

With whom will you compare God? What likeness will you

        set up for comparison with him? . .  “To whom will you

compare me, or who is my equal?” asks the Holy One.

(Isa. 40:18, 25)

“Everything about God is great, vast, incomparable. He never forgets, never fails, never falters, never forfeits His word. To every declaration of promise or prophecy the Lord has exactly adhered, every engagement of covenant or threatening He will make good.” ARTHUR W. PINK

* * * * * * * *

The storm had been threatening for the last few hours. Finally, the sky released its fury. The rain and wind pummeled us, but it was the lightning that chased us off the lake. We paddled hard to get to shore.

My husband took charge of securing our canoes while I sought shelter from the storm for us and our three boys. It wasn’t much, but the low-hanging branches of a pine tree afforded protection from the worst of the rain. We took what we could get. Thankfully, we don’t need to settle when it comes to our Lord.

Few of us enjoy being tossed around in a storm: whether a literal one or a figurative disturbance in our lives. We’d prefer to be sheltered from the effects of either kind. Unfortunately, we don’t always look in the right place when (not if) the storms of life hit. We trust in our own strength to anchor us until the squall passes. Sometimes we turn to others for help. Occasionally, we even ignore the need for refuge.

Each of these can sometimes be effective. However, when our hearts are fearful and hurting, we need an anchor that will never fail us, a shelter that is infinitely strong and always present. That security can only be found “in the shadow of the Almighty” (Ps. 91:1), the supreme Lord, the sovereign and all-powerful One.

The Most High offers unshakable and unchanging promises. Promises to provide what we need to weather any storm. He’ll set us high upon a rock (Ps. 27:5). He’ll hide us under His wings (Ps. 91:4). He’ll shield and protect us. And one day He’ll wipe away all our tears (Isa. 25:8; Rev. 21:4). In His supremacy, He is incomparable. Who else can speak the universe into existence? What other being can control the winds and rain? Where else can we find one who will never falter, never forget, and never fail us? And who else would give up their life for the forgiveness of our sins?

Nothing can equal the Lord’s strength, wisdom, peace, mercy, love, and holiness. Nothing can be as compassionate, generous, gracious, majestic, perfect, comforting, and knowledgeable. No one can compare to the Creator of the universe. He is unmatched in character and in action.

King David realized this truth, but he also knew how easy it is to forget. So he wrote about the hope he found in the Almighty. He sang about the greatness of God. He penned poems and prayers acknowledging the Rock that would never fail him. He reminded himself of the promises found in the Lord by praising Him.

Like David, we also struggle with remembering where our true security lies. Life distracts. Our pride rears its ugly head. Other options entice. So let’s offer ourselves reminders of where to look, like this praise the king tucked into a psalm of thanksgiving and cry for help:

Lord my God, you have done many things— your wondrous works and your plans for us; none can compare with you. If I were to report and speak of them, they are more than can be told. (Ps. 40:5)

Scripture assures us that nothing and no one is mightier or more trustworthy than our Lord. So why would we place our security anywhere else? With the help of the Holy Spirit, let’s begin to live with our faith firmly planted in the Incomparable.

Sometimes I forget, Lord, that You are incomparable, unequaled and matchless in all ways. I forget that no one can replace Your faithfulness, love, and power. No one can be more righteous or compassionate. Nothing else could defeat death itself and provide for my salvation. Remind me, Lord, of Your perfect nature, the standard by which every other being is measured and falls short. Help me plant my faith firmly in You, trusting You and You alone for my security.


Only the Lord can provide the security I long for, security that will last for eternity.

Copyright © 2024 by Julie Sunne All rights reserved. Printed in the United States of America 978-1-4300-8201-9 Published by B&H Publishing Group Brentwood, Tennessee

Pr. Bob Snitzer

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