Offended by God?!

Pilot Knob Lutheran Offended by God?! 9/20/2022

Matthew 24:12 Because of the increase of wickedness, the love of most will grow cold.

Jesus was preparing his disciples for difficult times after his ascension as they are sent into the world to proclaim the truth about Jesus. Simply stated, lawlessness will increase as will spiritual darkness. That was true then and is true today, a darkness similar to that of Good Friday.

Any number of life events can cause grief, discouragement, disappointment and unrealized or unrealistic expectations. When this happens, we may not sense Gods strength, joy or even his presence. This can chip away at our faith and we ask; how can a loving God allow such a thing to happen? The more we pray the worse it gets!

However, we must realize and remember there is always an ‘unfelt grace,’ a presence of God we cannot sense at the time. Therefore, we must guard against doubt, accusations, anger, questioning his love and his very existence. We tend to blame God when bad things happen and become angry.

Like the prophets in the Old Testament, we too question God when he allows evil to increase, but we must keep in mind he will not allow it forever and there will be justice.

Another attitude to watch out for goes something like this; “how can you allow this to happen, I’ve been obedient, trying my best, going to church and doing he right things”! It is here we may feel abandoned by God and become offended. It’s really a period of testing and refining, revealing what is at the core of our faith and heart. We can’t rely on feelings and emotions. It’s a matter of the will to follow God without conditions or bartering.

Guard your heart from doubt, anger and disappointments by spending time on the Word allowing the Word to enter you and shape your perspective. We don’t have to have answers to all our questions to have a relationship with God.

Pr. Bob Snitzer

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