Spiritual Preparation

Pilot Knob Lutheran                 Worship                 11/9/2022

Sunday morning church is not simply worship, it is also spiritual preparation. Through worship, prayer, teaching, and assimilating God’s word we are drawn close to Him, and our confidence, and faith are strengthened. The more we learn the better equipped we are to understand local, national, and global events. Scripture develops in us a biblical worldview in which to discern truth and how to properly respond to life experiences.

Worship also provides hope for today and tomorrow by maintaining a proper perspective between our fallen world, our corrupt nature, and God’s presence and purposes. Because God exists and is loving and gracious there can be hope of something better to come. God is actively working to usher in a new earth, heaven, and life.

God’s call upon us is to remain committed to the authority of his word and willfully choose to say what God says. For example, Jesus is the only way to eternal life offered to everyone. No, it is not being judgmental to call sin, a sin, nor is it hate speech; it is truth speech, truth that sets free from spiritual bondage and death.

When some of us went to school we began with the pledge of allegiance to the flag. Allegiance is to show loyalty or devotion to a person, group, cause or the like.” ( A great song in our hymnal is #600, I Pledge Allegiance to the Lamb. It has only one verse.

Lyrics: I pledge allegiance to the Lamb, with all my strength, with all I am; I will seek to honor His commands – I pledge allegiance to the Lamb. By, Ray Boltz Will you?

Pr. Bob Snitzer

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Today, 4:30 Confirmation class.  

November 13, 9:00 Morning worship. The Great Day

10:15 Sunday school for all ages.

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