Does It Matter?

Why would the bible tell us what sort of things to think about? Do we need ‘thought police?” In the mid-1960s Mao Zedong saw independent thought as the enemy of his Chinese revolution. Can’t we think what we want, after all our thoughts are secret and no one needs to know.

Tell the Truth

I’ve mentioned truth in past communiques, but today I want us to see it from an individual perspective, because truth is vital for a healthy emotional and consequently physical life. Pr. 23:7 As a (man) thinks within himself, so he is. This is saying our feelings, passions and behavior are subject to and conditioned by what we think, i.e., by what we believe to be true.

A Time for War

We are all born with God given talents and gifts including musicians (1 Samuel 16:18, 23; 1 Chronicles 23:5, 25:7), Artisans (1 Kings 5:8-9), hunter (Genesis 25:27), Jeweler Exodus 35:33), Engraver (Exodus 35:35), Sage (1 King 4:29-34), Athlete (Judges 13-16), Songwriter (Exodus 2:48), Civil Ruler (Genesis 41:41-42, Acts 18:26, Nehemiah 5:14, Daniel 2:48),

In Spite Of

n a world that is saturated in negative news, people on one side of the moral and political spectrum vilifying their opponents’ beliefs and opinions, it becomes easier to be critical of our own thoughts and behavior or lack of. Where does that end; it doesn’t until we are defeated. It robs us of joy and peace not to mention truth.

King David, after his selfish blunder with another man’s wife, Bathsheba, comes under great conviction for his immoral action and

Not By Might

Some of you remember the difficulty organizing and rebuilding the church after it was set on fire July 3, 2000. Plans were needed, money financed, construction company secured and of course


Pilot Knob Lutheran          Peace                  5/8/2024 We hear a lot today about wars: Russia and Ukraine, Israel and Hamas, the potential war between China and Tiawan, and Irans’ involvement against Isarel and threats to America and her allies. Then violent and hostile demonstrations on campuses and in streets; death by random attackers and the proliferation […]


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Wipe Out Israel

Considering recent events in Israel, Iran’s attack with missiles, drones and ballistic missiles, Psalm 83 comes to mind. It is a psalm of national lament in which the author, Asaph, prays for the LORD to intervene against her enemies.

Before the Storm

We are entering the time of year known as tornado season. Tornadoes bring much damage, fear, and disrupt the normal routine of a heathy life. Even if a tornado doesn’t visit your town, severe storms can have similar results.

Strength for Today

I want us to step into the shoes of another person and look at their world through their eyes. This unnamed individual has little or no religious education; there is no God, or at best one that is absent and unknown.  The world came into existence through blind chance as did all life. It has no purpose and history is simply repeating itself. Life consists of doing the best you can, doing what good you can for others and at the end of life you cease to exist.