Time to Plant

Pilot Knob Lutheran       Time to Plant       5/17/2023

By the time you read this most if not all local farmers will have their fields planted. Whether planting corn or beans with an eight or twenty-four row planter the seeds are not wasted. They are perfectly spaced by depth and distance with technology that also provides analysis of soil and needed amenities, one is sure to yield a harvest this Fall.

Not so years ago. In Matthew, Mark, and Luke Jesus relates the experience of farming in the parable of the Sower. A typical farmer had a gunny sack full of seed and would broadcast it by hand. So much for those perfectly straight rows and uniform turns! The seed did not always fall on soil that was conducive for growth or yielding a harvest, for there was limited control as to where it fell. I do not imagine seed cost as much then as it does today.

Jesus compares the seed to the Word of God that is sown by word of mouth falling on the ears of everyone within the range of his voice. How people would respond could not be predicted or controlled like farming today. The ground is prepared, the seed is good, it is planted exactly as it should and that is all one can do. Factors that will influence its germination and growth is moisture, the number of heat units, adverse weather, insects, weeds, mold and so on. Despite all these negative factors the seed is still planted.

When the Word of God is planted there are many conditions that influence how it is received and the final outcome. Despite these potentially negative conditions, we continue to share the gospel truth. We not only tell the liberating truth of Jesus Christ but we live it. Instead of using a tractor and planter to plant the seed we use public speaking, Christian education, radio, social media, and our website.

How many people tune in to hear our message from Sunday morning we do not know. How they respond, we do not know, but we do not stop because now and then I hear reports from people who listen or I get second hand reports and that is encouraging. Once the seed is planted the outcome is in God’s hands. Therefore, do not stop planting regardless of the season. 2 Timothy 4:2 Preach the word; be prepared in season and out of season; correct, rebuke and encourage—with great patience and careful instruction.

Next week I will begin looking at the four types of hearers. (Potentially negative conditions.)

Pr. Bob Snitzer

Biden Administration Preparing to Cede U.S. Healthcare Sovereignty to WHO

Dr. James Dobson Family Institute

The new draft of the Pandemic Treaty from the World Health Organization (WHO) should make any freedom-loving American shudder. As you know, this document addresses global health emergencies and would require signatories to share financial information, medical supplies, and other resources to assist in pandemic response.

While this may sound well-intentioned, the United States must not sign this treaty. The document will infringe on our sovereignty, and force us to make commitments we are unprepared to carry out. In addition, it could create a precedent of global governance, which would be dangerous to ourselves and future generations.

For these reasons and more, the United States should not sign the WHO Pandemic Treaty. We must protect our national authority, and ensure that any agreement we sign is in our country’s best interest. Please visit our WHO Initiative webpage to find out what you can do.–CYzPK7wh0zyZz2eTCBTM9V6M4FYHzNKi2Bt4dxW5L_McMgKr97iB8bPz7Ql7xCZsTOV0inw5izoNplz_fFY0GnWaWbQ

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