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What is the Probability?

Pilot Knob Lutheran       What is the Probability?      5/10/2023

Easter was not that long ago so we can remember that there was prophecy surrounding many of the events leading up to Jesus’ arrest, trial, death, resurrection, and ascension. In fact, some scholars count a total of 332 distinct predictions in the Old Testament which were literally fulfilled in Christ. Another scholar lists 191 prophecies. In either case it is a huge number for anyone person to accurately fulfill.

In the book, Evidence that Demands a Verdict, Josh and Sean McDowell share the probability of one person fulfilling just eight of these prophecies: that the Messiah was to be born in Bethlehem. Preceded by a messenger, he would enter Jerusalem on a donkey, betrayed by a friend, his betrayer would give 30 pieces of silver, the silver coins would be thrown into the temple and used to buy a potter’s field, he would be silent before his accusers, his hands and feet would be pierced and die among criminals.

“We find that the chance that any man might have lived down to the present time and fulfilled all eight prophecies is 1 in 10 to the 17th power. That would be 1 in 100,000,000,000,000,000. In order to help us comprehend this staggering probability, Stoner illustrates it by supposing that we take 10 to the 17th silver dollars and lay them on the face of Texas. They will cover all of the state two feet deep. Now mark one of these silver dollars and stir the whole mass thoroughly, all over the state. Blindfold a man and tell him that he can travel as far as he wishes, but he must pick up one silver dollar and say that this is the right one. What chance would he have of getting the right one? Just the same chance that the prophets would have had of writing these eight prophecies and having them all come true in any one man, from their day to the present time, providing they wrote them according to their won wisdom.” [Peter Stoner; Science Speaks]

Now these prophecies were either given by divine inspiration or, as some would say, given after the fact to make then look like prophecies. If the latter is the case, then the prophets were lying and would invalidate what they spoke, they identity as a prophet of God and would be put to death – the penalty for false prophecy.

With the chances stacked against someone fulfilling these eight, it is far more accurate to say, God was the author of biblical prophecy and not one will go unfulfilled. The bible is accurate and reliable, a sure and certain guide for life and eternal life. 

Pr. Bob Snitzer

Biden Administration Preparing to Cede U.S. Healthcare Sovereignty to WHO

Dr. James Dobson Family Institute

The new draft of the Pandemic Treaty from the World Health Organization (WHO) should make any freedom-loving American shudder. As you know, this document addresses global health emergencies and would require signatories to share financial information, medical supplies, and other resources to assist in pandemic response.

While this may sound well-intentioned, the United States must not sign this treaty. The document will infringe on our sovereignty, and force us to make commitments we are unprepared to carry out. In addition, it could create a precedent of global governance, which would be dangerous to ourselves and future generations.

For these reasons and more, the United States should not sign the WHO Pandemic Treaty. We must protect our national authority, and ensure that any agreement we sign is in our country’s best interest. Please visit our WHO Initiative webpage to find out what you can do.–CYzPK7wh0zyZz2eTCBTM9V6M4FYHzNKi2Bt4dxW5L_McMgKr97iB8bPz7Ql7xCZsTOV0inw5izoNplz_fFY0GnWaWbQ

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