True Wisdom

Proverbs 8:1, 10-11, 27, 35-36

Vs. 1 Can’t you hear the voice of wisdom? She is standing at the city gates and at every fork in the road, and at the door of every house. Listen to what she says.  Vs. 10-11  My instruction is far more valuable than silver or gold.” For the value of wisdom is far above rubies; nothing can be compared with it. Vs. 27 “I was there when he established the heavens and formed the great springs in the depths of the oceans. Vs. 35-36 For whoever finds me finds life and wins approval from the Lord. 36 But the one who misses me has injured himself irreparably. Those who refuse me show that they love death.”

Proverbs talks a lot about wisdom, gaining wisdom or being wise. We should all want to grow in wisdom, but how? The dictionary defines wisdom as being able to judge between right and wrong gained ‘by scholarly knowledge or learning; also having knowledge or information as to facts. . .” This sounds like one should have a college degree to be wise. That’s no guarantee. As president Ronald Reagan said; “What’s wrong with our liberal friends is not that they are ignorant but that they know so much that isn’t so.”

Not all information or knowledge is accurate or helpful let alone healthy. The wisdom of proverbs and scripture in general is different. It isn’t simply an increase in one’s intellect, but connecting with the right source of wisdom and knowledge.

As noted in Proverbs 8 wisdom is more valuable than gold, silver or jewels and should be sought after with greater desire.

Proverbs also mentions wisdom as a person by using a feminine pronoun. The reason being: 1. The gender for the Hebrew word for wisdom is feminine. 2. “Lady wisdom is intended to present an image of wisdom that is attractive to the son and that counters the attraction of the foolish world and its sinful ways.” (Concordia commentary) 

So, what is wisdom? Wisdom in Proverbs is identified as God’s gift to us through Jesus Christ. True wisdom comes from God and is gained by reading His inerrant word. If one is not connected to God through Jesus Christ then they will gain worldly wisdom that often contradicts biblical wisdom. According to Proverbs wisdom is the ability to live in accordance with God’s plan and will. Proverbs 10:8  The wise man is glad to be instructed, but a self-sufficient fool falls flat on his face. It is applied to practical matters and relationships. Gaining wisdom depends on reasoning, and the aptitude and willingness to learn.

If people are not looking for wisdom from God in our day, they will become fools: “A person who has his own worldly welfare as his first priority and is too short sighted to see that his long-term welfare actually lies in the hands of God.”

Pr. Bob Snitzer                                      

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